Friday, February 3, 2017


Dear Ladies,

There are a good number of things in this life that I absolutely love, like eating a good slab of milk chocolate, while watching a feel-good movie on a cozy, comfortable couch, when it's cold and rainy outside.  Or the smell of freshly washed linen when I crawl into bed after a long, hard day.  The warm sunshine on my back while I sit and read a favourite novel in the South African bushveld on a wintery afternoon.  How about long, scenic walks in the cool of the day, and without a doubt, my mother-in-law's Sunday roast.... Oh my, the list could quite easily be endless!  But out of all the things I enjoy and love to do, there are a few that I could single out as my passion.  Besides my husband of course, here are my top three:  I am passionate about the Word of God, writing letters, and ministering the Word to ladies.   A couple of months ago, I felt the Lord stir in my heart a strong desire to do all three!  And so I began to do just that, ministering the Word of God to ladies through a series of weekly letters.

Now there is of course a background to this journey that explains exactly how it all started.  With our extensive travelling schedule, I found myself feeling rather isolated and frustrated with not being able to keep in touch as much as I wanted, with the wonderful women at our home church in East London, South Africa.  I really longed to be able to reach out to them and encourage them in the Word on a more frequent basis.  To hear their testimonies and response to the way the Word was enriching their lives and growing them in their walk of faith and relationship with the Lord.    So in one of my teary, self-pity sessions before the Lord, I felt Him nudge me to go ahead and use the tools He had already given me, and to do something about it!  And so my weekly letter writing and emailing began!  I can now go before the Lord, hear His heart in His Word and write it down in a friendly, love letter to my ladies!  And it gets better, not only do I get to touch base with the ladies on the African continent, I get to keep in contact with the wonderful friends I have made in the United States too, no matter where I am in the world! Because of technology, in an instant, my email crosses borders and oceans, and goes straight into their personal electronic devices!  Miraculous right!

Well, the more I wrote, the more blessed I became, not only by the insight and love wrapped wisdom of the Word, but by the response of the ladies reading the letters.  Soon I had friends encouraging me to extend the mailing list to as many ladies as wanted to receive a weekly letter of encouragement and love from the Word of God.  And so here we are!  I am writing letters to anyone who would like to receive them!  I welcome with an open heart, your feedback if you felt blessed by anything in particular that you read in them.

Our lives are always cluttered with so much business!  There are never ending demands for our attention, and responsibilities that seem to never end.  I would love for these letters to bring a ray of sunshine and a sweet reprieve from the burden of every day stress we have become so accustomed to.  Just one little letter of encouragement a week, to give you fresh perspective, new hope and a boost of faith!  This is my passion, and gift to you.  Enjoy your letters!

All my love,


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