Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Your Promised Place of Rest

Hello everyone,

If you could chose any dream vacation destination, where would you go?  A tropical island get away, with five star treatment?  A remote cottage in the mountains, fully equipped for your comfort?  A five star lodge in the middle of the beautiful African game reserve?  Ive got you dreaming haven't I?  Now, let's say you have been looking forward to this particular trip for some time.  In fact, it's all you ever think or talk about.  The day has come where you finally arrive!  Well, almost arrive.  Let's say you are so close to being in that beautiful paradise, you can actually see it, smell it, even feel the welcoming breeze....  It's right there in front of you, but suddenly, to your horror, you realise you can't go in.  

That's pretty much what an entire generation of Israelites must have felt when they came a breath away from entering their 'Promised Land'.  For 40 years they had been wandering around in the desert, with a promise of finally entering a place of abundant provision and much sought after rest.  And now that they were face to face with that promise, because of their unbelief, in an instant, their dream slipped away from them.  With the exception of Joshua and Caleb, the Israelites' refusal to TRUST and OBEY the Lord, kept them from entering their PROMISED PLACE of REST.  

Aaah, REST, now that's a word that conjures up a wonderful sense of peace and longing doesn't it?  For the Israelites, that rest, meant living in a place where lack didn't exist.  Every need they had, would be met.  It would be a place of safety, out of reach from their warring enemies, a place no one would drive them from, or make them wandering, homeless people again.

In Hebrews chapter 4, God explains exactly why the Israelites never entered that place of rest, by showing us exactly what His REST means.   In a nut shell, it means FAITH.  Even though the Israelites knew all about the promise, (they knew it so well, they could even see it) they could not POSSES it because of the one thing required to do so.  They simply didn't TRUST God.  

Now the first verse of Hebrews 4, tells us that the PROMISE of ENTERING HIS REST, still holds and is offered to every believer, today.  Just like the Israelites of old, we have a ''Promised Land" - the Word of God, filled with promises of abundant life and peace.  But like that particular generation of Israelites, those promises may end up being something we see and desire, but fail to actually posses, unless we choose to COMBINE the KNOWLEDGE of them, with an ABSOLUTE TRUST in GOD.  

Take a look at what verse 2 of Hebrews 4 says, "For indeed we have had the glad tidings [Gospel of God] proclaimed to us just as truly as they [the Israelites of old did when the good news of deliverance from bondage came to them]; but the message they heard did not benefit them, because it was not mixed with faith (with the leaning of the entire personality on God in absolute trust and confidence in His power, wisdom, and goodness) by those who heard it; neither were they united in faith with the ones [Joshua and Caleb] who heard (did believe)." Amplified version.

Entering God's Rest is what causes us to walk in the reality of His promises.  And that only comes "....with leaning (our) entire personality on God in absolute trust and confidence in His power, wisdom, and goodness)" .   

So many of us come so far in our walk of faith, only to give up right before our breakthrough.  Remember, EACH STEP OF TRUST LEADS US INTO HIS PROMISES.  Entering HIS REST (trusting Him) and LIVING IN HIS PROMISES go hand in hand, because His promises are fulfilled while we are in perfect rest.  So don't be distracted by the challenges around you, refuse to take your eyes off the Lord, even for an instant.  Enter His Rest by having absolute trust in Him.

Much love,


Sunday, May 28, 2017

Who's Report Will You Believe?

Hello everyone,

Do you remember the story of Joshua and Caleb?  They were part of the company of 12 spies chosen to collect information on Canaan, the 'Promised Land'.  Before Moses sent them out, God had clearly told the people that He would go before them, and that this land was the fulfilment of His promise to them.  They had God's Word on it!  Now it was time to gather intelligence, and strategise the best plan of action to posses their promise.  To everybody's horror, the reports from ten spies that came back were more terrifying than they were encouraging!  The Israelites' dream of finally possessing their own land, 'flowing with milk and honey', was crushed!

Have you ever held onto a promise from the Lord, only to receive information that causes your hope to crash, suddenly making your dream look too far out of reach?

But WAIT!  There were two spies who had a completely different report!  Joshua and Caleb were more excited to posses the land after they collected their intel, than when they left camp to find it!  In fact, they were so eager to get going they wanted to leave immediately!  (Numbers 13:30)

All twelve men saw exactly the same things.  A land full of promise, yielding enormous fruit and overflowing with plenty!  It was just as the Lord had promised them.  The issue wasn't the promise of the land, it was who was inhabiting it!  The locals were just as impressive as the land they were living in!   In fact, one spy was so overwhelmed by the mere size of them, that he compared the Israelites to being grasshoppers next to those ferocious giants.  Suddenly, as they compared themselves to these people, their limitations and obvious inadequacies, sealed their fate concerning the promise.  They were no match to these super humans, meaning possessing the land was an impossibility.

Surely Joshua and Caleb, men of excellent reputation, noticed these giants too.  The reports of what they saw were no different to the others.  Except, while Joshua and Caleb were chewing at the bit to immediately, go get their inheritance; the other ten men were so discouraged by what they saw, they practically gave up all hope of possessing the land.  And their fear was contagious.  The moment the people heard their reports, they began to give into despair and give up all hope of the promise.

Caleb and Joshua, in absolute frustration, tore their clothes and in a desperate attempt, tried to get God's people to see things from their perspective, a DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVE.  They didn't deny the intimidating size or ferocious attributes of the inhabitants. They simply refused to COMPARE THEMSELVES to the giants.  

One of the wonderful benefits of being vitally connected to the Lord, is understanding our covenant relationship we have in Him.  While we may seem inadequate to the task, He is not!  Our relationship with Him is a CONTINUOUS surrendering of our own limitations in exchange for TRUSTING in HIS ABILITY.   If God has given us a promise, we can be sure He has everything we need to walk in it's fulfilment.  The issue isn't our limitations verses the challenges, it's trusting in our God's limitless ability to overcome each challenge!

Caleb and Joshua chose to have a spirit of faith.  They believed God's Word and they compared His nature and promise, not themselves, to the giants they saw.  And there was no comparison, when it comes to God and His Word, there is no rival or match.  Even the devil himself, is powerless against it.

Look and listen to Caleb's argument to the overwhelmed, fearful Israelites, "The land we passed through to spy out is an exceedingly good land. If the Lord delights in us, then He will bring us into this land and give it to us, ‘a land which flows with milk and honey.’ Only do not rebel against the Lord, nor fear the people of the land, for they are our bread; their protection has departed from them, and the Lord is with us. Do not fear them.” Numbers 14:7-10.

Unfortunately, the Israelites were more comfortable being in fear than faith, they came very close to stoning Joshua and Caleb that day - silencing the only voice of hope and faith they had to posses the promise God gave them.

Each one of us have the choice to live in the reality of God's promises.  He is not a respecter of persons, His promises are for all who choose to believe.  But faith and fear cannot coexist.  That's why a choice must be made.  Have faith in God or give in to fear.  It's faith that pleases God, and causes us to walk in His promises.  The Israelites of old, refused to trust God.  Their unbelief prevented them from ever entering the promised land.  Instead, their generation died out in the wilderness, just outside of the promise God had for them.  They could see it, but they refused to believe that God could do it for them.

So who's report will you believe today?  Are you comparing yourself to the challenges standing in the way?  Or are you going to be like Joshua and Caleb, choosing to have a spirit of faith and not fear?  If God has promised it, there is simply no more to it.  Our part is to trust Him and obey everything He tells us to do - and rejoice, because He does delight in you, and He will bring you into the land (promise) and give it to you!

Love you,


Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Vitally Connected

Hello everyone,

This week I have the privilege of attending the evening meetings at the River, in Tampa Bay, Florida. From start to finish, each meeting has been so meaningful and precious to me. There is nothing that compares to the ministry of the Holy Spirit, as He takes the Word being preached and makes it alive in our hearts - causing it to become a REVELATION to us.

I suppose what sets these meetings apart for me, is the freedom given the Holy Spirit to move and minister to each individual, during the service. Wave upon wave of the weight of His glory washed over me as my spirit soaked in His Word and ministry. I suppose the best way for me to describe it, is having a personal encounter with the Lord, being VITALLY CONNECTED to Him, as He imparts the message being preached. I literally feel Him pouring His wisdom and life and peace straight into my heart and mind. And each download happens in a moment, in an instant of time. Oh my, there are moments of such freedom and joy, and moments of heart wrenching sobs; as I feel the weight of His presence grow heavier while His Spirit digs deeper into every crevice of my heart. And all of this while just sitting in my seat.

I have to believe that this is a significant part of what it means to experience days of heaven on earth. And my spirit longs for it. Not just for the refreshing, intimate experience, but for the transformation it produces in my life.

Sometime in the service, a truth hit its mark in my heart. I can't remember the exact wording, but it went something along these lines, "....did you not realise the Lord is in covenant with you, not your ministry? You serve Him because you love Him, but His covenant is with you ....".

So I'm going to throw this out to you today, how often do we find our value or self worth, from what we do for the Lord, instead of from Who He is in us? I absolutely agree that being productive in the kingdom is essential, but real fruitfulness comes from a natural outflow of what the Lord has done inside of us.

If we are going to stay fresh and relative and vital in His kingdom, we are going to have to pay attention to the Words of Jesus, when He said unless we are VITALLY CONNECTED to Him, we become dead wood. The only usefulness for dead wood is being thrown into a fire. (John 15:5-6)

Our intimate connection with the Spirit of Jesus doesn't just causes us to become productive, it's what gets every one of our needs met too. John 15:7, says, "If you live in Me [abide vitally united to Me] and My words remain in you and continue to live in your hearts, ask whatever you will, and it shall be done for you.". That's because our VITAL CONNECTION to Him means His thoughts and will become ours. And when we are in unity with the Word, there is nothing that will stand in its way from being produced in our lives.

Until next time, press in to the Spirit of the Lord and remain vitally connected. Days of heaven on earth are coming your way!

Love, Jenny

Sunday, May 21, 2017

A Thankful Heart is a Happy Heart (part 4)

Hello Everyone,

I have loved writing about the power of a thankful heart! I hope it's encouraged you as much as it's encouraged me. Well, I suppose it's time to wrap it up with this letter, and just like when Jesus turned water into wine,  I'm leaving the best for last!

As promised, today I'd like to show you how a thankful attitude can enhance your life with a powerfully, supernatural response from God.  So fasten your seatbelt and get ready for the ride of your life!

Did you know that giving your thankfulness a voice, (which is spontaneous praise), will causes a response from God that fills you with His supernatural power to overcome every obstacle in your life?


I find it amazing that our thankfulness towards God, activates or reciprocates a powerful response from God into our lives.  Have you noticed, with God it's never fair - it's always a win, win scenario for us.  He just gives, and gives, and gives!  That's because HE IS GOOD!

We have already established that the word thankful comes from the Greek word charis, meaning grace. Now the Word GRACE pops up several times in the New Testament. Let's take a quick look at Romans 1:11 "For I am yearning to see you, that I may impart and share with you some spiritual GIFT to strengthen and establish you"

The word GIFT in this verse is that same word charis used in the form  of charisma.  It's described as a SUPERNATURAL GIFT imparted by the Holy Spirit.  Just like an ENABLEMENT from God that EQUIPS and STRENGTHENS a person in a supernatural manner. So, when we praise the Lord, from a thankful heart, as a reciprocated GIFT, the Holy Spirit enables and equips us with supernatural power, in the form of supernatural strength!

According to 2 Corinthians 12:9, grace is again referred to as a SUPERNATURAL STRENGTH, given to us to OVERCOME any trial that seems too difficult for us: My grace is sufficient for you, for My strength is made perfect in weakness.”  Here the word grace or charis, is in the form chara, meaning JOY!  Which is important to note because the supernatural strength is manifested in our lives as JOY!

JOY is a fruit of the Spirit purposed to  INFUSE the believer with DIVINE STRENGTH TO OVERCOME.  Just as Nehemiah 8:10 says, ".... the joy of the Lord is my strength!"

Let's summarise: Choosing  to continually have a thankful heart, results in spontaneous praise, which builds our faith and releases the supernatural fruit of joy into our lives.  This joy infuses us with divine inner strength that not only undergirds our faith, but enables us to overcome every obstacle we may encounter.  Oh, and by the way,  GRACE is also referred to as unmerited FAVOUR.  Which means we don't overcome being all battered and weary, rather, we overcome with peace and favour!  A beautiful testimony of the goodness of God in our lives - again!

Love Jenny

Thursday, May 18, 2017

A Thankful Heart is a Happy Heart (Part 3 )

Hello everyone,

This week we have been exploring the wonderful attitude of thankfulness.  There are so many benefits to having a thankful heart!

Today, I'd like to show you how this winning attitude, has far more going for it than we imagined!     What if I told you a thankful heart can open the door for the supernatural power of God to be manifest in our lives?  Well it can, and it will, if you and I just open our hearts to embrace it!


The Word THANKFUL in the Greek is made up of two words:
  • EU meaning good or well; and 
  • CHARIS meaning grace.

"Now, the Word  eu, denotes a good inner disposition or a good feeling about someone or something. ....it paints a picture of someone who is so grateful that he has an outpouring of overwhelmingly good feelings about everything" (Renner, Sparkling Gems 2). This means,  regardless of what is happening, or not happening, this person has made up His mind to be grateful!  Imagine waking up in the morning and simply deciding,  "No matter what - today I'm  going to be thankful!"

Now, I did some more digging on this word thankful, and found that the second part of the Greek compound word, CHARIS, meaning GRACE, is packed with POWER!

Do you find that when You are thankful, your gratitude overflows into SPONTANEOUS  PRAISE ?  Well, many things happen when we praise God from our hearts.  I'm going to speak about two of them here. Firstly, we have a CHANGE OF FOCUS!  Our focus is no longer on our problems, but it's on the ability and nature of our God, which immediately fuels our faith with expectancy and diminishes fear.    So GRACE becomes the VOICE OF FAITH that thanks God for the answer before it comes.

Secondly, since the Word of God teaches us that God, Himself, inhabits the praises of His people, our spontaneous praise, from grateful hearts, draws or attracts the presence and power of God into all that concerns us.  Our praise brings the SUPERNATURAL PRESENCE OF GOD RIGHT INTO OUR CIRCUMSTANCES.   No trouble or challenge can stand against the presence of God.  So praising Him, takes our own limitations out the way and causes our giants to face our God, not us.

Now that's enough to get your feet "a dancing and your heart rejoicing", isn't it?  Even though this aspect of thankfulness is a powerful encouragement....there is more to come!

In the next letter, I'm going to tell you more about the SUPERNATURAL power of thankfulness, you don't want to miss it!

Love Jenny

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

A Happy Heart is a Thankful Heart (Part 2)


Hello everyone,

Everybody wants to be happy, right?  Since a thankful  heart is a prerequisite to a happy heart, it would certainly be in our best interest to investigate all we can concerning being  thankful.  I must say the most compelling advocate for thankfulness is that it's God's will for every believer.   And Oh, the benefits of walking in obedience to God's will... 

Which brings us to the truth that thankfulness is a choice of obedience, that has wonderful benefits.

In 1 Thessalonians 5:18, Paul says we are to BE THANKFUL IN EVERYTHING. That phrase, in the Greek language, means IN EVERY DETAIL, or even IN THE SMALLEST WAY.  In his book  Sparkling Gems 2, Rick Renner refers to one translation that says, "In every circumstance, be thankful..."

You may feel that the circumstances you are facing could be far more pleasant than they currently appear.  Quite honestly, I'm pretty sure we all have difficulties in our lives we would rather go without having to encounter.  Didn't Jesus teach us that dangerous, perilous times would become increasingly common place in the world around us too?  Frankly, being grateful in challenging circumstances, is probably the last thing on anybody's mind.   That's why it's important to note, the Word doesn't say to be thankful FOR the circumstances, it says be thankful IN them. That means, don't accept any trial as being something you were meant to endure, as though it is your 'lot' in life. That kind of thinking contradicts  the Word.  Scripture teaches us to have faith to receive the promises of God and move the mountains in our lives.  Many people misinterpret Paul's words, when he says he has learnt to be content in all circumstances.  He wasn't settling for the lack or hard times, he was making a choice, that while he faced those challenges, he would keep up his faith and not complain or fear, but rather believe the promises of God until they become his reality.

Paul's advice was, that while we are experiencing unpleasant circumstances, we must CHOOSE TO TURN OUR EYES TOWARDS THE GOOD in our lives, AND AWAY FROM the things that try to bring DISCOURAGEMENT.  Keeping our focus on the negativity only steals our peace and quenches our joy.

That doesn't mean choosing to live in a state of denial, hoping the problems will just go away if we ignore them long enough.  No, that would also contradict the Word.  The Bible is full of powerful teachings on how to pray effective, faith filled prayers, with the expectation of seeing our circumstances change.

Rather, choosing to be thankful, is a simple act of obedience.  After we decide to lay our burdens at the feet of Jesus, and prayerfully consult His wisdom concerning them, we choose to FOCUS on what is good in our lives, and not fret or worry. Thankfulness is that ATTITUDE that keeps us walking in peaceful expectancy, while God's Word goes to work in our lives.  When it comes to experiencing VICTORY in this life, an ATTITUDE of GRATEFULNESS is exactly what EMPOWERS our FAITH to believe and receive what the Lord has promised us in His Word, concerning every circumstance.

In the next letter, I'll share about the supernatural power that is released in our lives when we choose to be thankful!  Look out for it, I know it will be a blessing to you.

Love Jenny

Sunday, May 14, 2017

A Happy Heart is a Thankful Heart (Part 1)

Hello everyone

"I Just want to be happy!!!"

How many times have we heard that cry,either from those around us or even our own, frustrated hearts?  Sometimes we think we will only be happy when things go the way we want them to go.When we don't have to work so hard to achieve what we desire.  Or when we reach the goals we have set, whether financial or professional. Sometimes, as children of God, we believe true happiness is obtained when we see the fulfilment of our prayers. The truth is, the list of what we think happiness is, could go on forever and constantly change, depending on where we are in our lives.

Today I read a simple, yet profound statement that said, 
So, if happiness is our pursuit, and the Word tells us that a thankful heart is what is going to get us there - then let's take a look at what it really means to be THANKFUL!


Well, to start off, according to the Word of God in 1 Thessalonians 5:18, BEING THANKFUL IS GOD'S WILL for us.  It says, "...in everything give thanks; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you."

Oh, the amount of times I have sincerely confessed, "I just want to do God's will..."!  I know you have too, in fact it's perfectly appropriate for every child of God to have the desire to follow the will of our Heavenly Father.  And do you know what I have found to be true?  It's these small, yet extremely important instructions that produce the greatest blessing when we apply them to our lives.

Love Jenny

(On Wednesday I will continue to explore the topic of Thankfulness)

Monday, May 8, 2017

Fountain of Life

Hello everyone!

In my previous letter, I encouraged you to dig a little deeper into the treasure chest of Psalm 119.  I was so encouraged by the messages I received, on how you were making this a personal treasure hunt and were delighted, even overwhelmed, by the gems you were discovering!  What a tremendous joy and privilege to discover gold from God's Word for our lives!

This weekend, I was reading a post from a friend's blog. He made reference to a treasure hunt of seeking and finding God in our relationship with Him. He mentioned there being times where we tend to 'hide' from God, for various reasons; and since our understanding is limited, there are times we think God is hiding from us.  However, our 'hiding' from God is real, where His is only perceived.  God never hides from us, He is always there when we choose to open the eyes of our hearts to find Him in His Word.

As I was doing some seeking in Psalm 119, there was one little verse that caught my eye.  Like a sparkling little jewel that had caught the sunlight, its light attracted me to come closer.  As I did, I started skimming over the next couple of verses, finding similar jewels that shone like this one, leading me on - like sparkling bread crumbs along a path.  They all spoke with the same theme to me.  Take a look, and tell me if you see it too:

V:11 - "...your Word have I laid up in my HEART..."

V:24 - "Your testimonies also are MY DELIGHT and MY COUNSELLORS..."

V:25 - "...REVIVE and STIMULATE me according to Your word!"

V:50 - "This is MY COMFORT and CONSOLATION in my affliction: that Your word has REVIVED me and GIVEN ME LIFE ."

V:28 - "...RAISE ME UP up and STRENGTHEN me according to [the promises of] Your word."

V:45 - "...And I WILL WALK AT LIBERTY and at EASE, for I have sought and inquired for [and desperately required] Your precepts."

Do you see it too?  These are a few of the many BENEFITS we can enjoy from laying up the WORD in our HEARTS!   The Word of God we believe and cling to, becomes our delight as it councils and comforts us.  It revives, stimulates and strengthens us.  It causes us to walk at ease and liberty - free from guilt or shame or any kind of fear!  It is a powerful force of life inside of us, purposed to affect and influence every part of our lives.

It's no wonder Proverbs 4:23 tells us to guard our hearts above all things, because the very well spring of life flows from it!

Now this, is the part I really love! I want you to see the inseparable relationship between the Holy Spirit and the Word - at work in our hearts.

When the Holy Spirit came to live inside us, His powerful, life giving character traits (the fruit of the Spirit), came to live in us too.  Now, the fruit of the Spirit is designed to bubble up, like a mighty force and fountain of living water, from inside of every believer (John 4:14).  It's meant to be like a continuous, powerful stream, gushing out - protecting and purifying us from the inside out!  Galatians 5:22, says this is a work His Spirit, within us, accomplishes.

How does this fountain continue to flow?  By us yielding to the Holy Spirit as we fill our hearts with God's Word, and do what it says to do!

As we keep our hearts and minds full of the truth of God's Word, making it the final authority for our lives, the Holy Spirit goes to work and produces the force of faith, love and joy and peace and endurance (and all the other qualities of the Holy Spirit), to flow in and through us, in a rapid, plentiful stream.  Ephesians 3:16, speaks about this very thing! "May He grant you out of the rich treasury of His glory to be strengthened and reinforced with mighty power in the inner man by the [Holy] Spirit [Himself indwelling your innermost being and personality]."  Look at verse 19: "[That you may really come] to know [practically, through experience for yourselves] the love of Christ, which far surpasses mere knowledge [without experience]; that you may be filled [through all your being] unto all the fullness of God [may have the richest measure of the divine Presence, and become a body wholly filled and flooded with God Himself]!"

The force of the fullness of God inside us becomes so strong, it is able to push out and prevent any anger, selfishness or fear from entering into our hearts.  No matter what fiery dart the enemy tries to penetrate into our minds, to contaminate our hearts, and steal our joy; that force of eternal, Living Water of the Spirit and the Word, won't even give it the opportunity to find its mark, let alone spew its destructive poison.

John 4:14 says, "But whoever takes a drink of the water that I will give him shall never, no never, be thirsty any more. But the water that I will give him shall become a spring of water welling up (flowing, bubbling) [continually] within him unto (into, for) eternal life."

As we keep drinking from the Living Water of God's Word, by His Spirit, that fountain of God's very own supernatural life and power, will continue to flood and flow in and through us with magnificent force.  It will continually push sin and darkness away and release the life and power of God into every part of our lives - even bring life to those around us!

You have a powerful fountain, full of God's unbeatable force of supernatural life inside of you - keep drinking from His Word and watch it flow!

All my love,