Sunday, February 26, 2017

Overflowing With Hope

When you read this letter, I have no idea what time of day or night it is for you, but I have a message on my heart that is designed and purposed to bless you, wherever you are and whatever time! As you open your heart to receive from the Holy Spirit, His Word is going to infuse you with a fresh dose of hope! Not just a little measure to help you get through whatever you are facing, but a never ending, limitless supply of it! Enough to overwhelm your senses and overshadow any troublesome thoughts. So listen carefully with the ears of your spirit and start receiving! Romans 15:13 says, "May the God of your hope so fill you with all joy and peace in believing [through the experience of your faith] that by the power of the Holy Spirit you may abound and be overflowing (bubbling over) with hope." (Amplified) The verse begins, "May the God of your hope so fill you...". Now I did a bit of reading and found out that hope means to have an earnest expectation. It's when we are able to securely put our trust in something or someone and keep it there. Regardless of how our circumstances appear, or to what extent our minds are bombarded with negative, worrisome thoughts; our God has declared that HE IS our hope. Since hope means earnest expectation, we can securely place our expectation in Him to fill us with all we need to overcome whatever we are going through. But how do we make God our hope? To do this, requires FAITH IN HIM. But it's not that easy when we have the wrong idea or somewhat distorted mental picture of WHO He is. There is only one source that can be trusted to tell the absolute truth about the character and nature of God; and that is His Word. Which, by the way, turns out to be an excellent plan, because FAITH (the essential tool to receive the reality of the promise in Romans 15:13) only comes by the Word of God. So, let's take another look at that word HOPE. I read in one of my references, that HOPE is a divine dream, it's an IMAGE that's bigger than we are, because it's built on the promises of God. So HOPE is an IMAGE. The Word of God places an image or paints a picture, of Who God is, in our hearts and minds. And when we fill our minds and hearts with that picture, knowing that it is THE truth, our faith in Him is built and established, and rooted deep inside us - it becomes an immovable anchor to our soul.  A really great idea for every child of God, in fact, it's essential, is to do some digging into the Word - specifically to build that image of WHO HE IS, on the inside of us and to CONSTANTLY remind ourselves of it! You will find that He is Almighty and all knowing. He is absolute love, mercy, kindness and compassion. He is faithful and patient and He is wisdom. God is good and there is no shadow of changing in Him - He is ALWAYS the same! He is also willing and able to work His power inside us, as we yield our lives to Him. When that inner image of WHO HIS WORD SAYS HE IS, becomes bigger than the problems around us, His Spirit, dwelling inside us, confirms that truth and by His power, causes supernatural peace to flood up from our spirits and an energising, supernatural joy infuses us with inner strength.   At this point, our minds have come into agreement with our spirits and that clear image of Who God is causes us to abound and be overflowing and bubbling over with hope! Now, this is so important, in fact it's key to us living in faith. Since we have securely placed our hope and trust in the person of God, we will have no problem placing our trust in His promises. Our hope and expectation in Him causes us to have a hope and expectation in every Word He says!  So, as we meditate on His Word, we form a mental image of His promises and allow that image to become greater than any fearful or worrisome thoughts we may have. God's thoughts have begun to dominate the way we think! Which forms a ripple effect... since the Bible says that from the overflow of the heart, the mouth speaks (Luke 6:24); our words follow after our dominating thoughts. And since our words of faith have the same creative power of God within them, from the moment they are released, the Word begins to go to work and produce exactly what it says! (Isaiah 55:11). This, my friends, is how we prosper and succeed in life. When we allow the image of God and the promises of His Word to be big on the inside of us, we become like that tree planted by streams of living water, full and productive. We become strong and fearless concerning the threats of the enemy. And we begin to soar, courageous and overcoming, like the eagle as He renews and satisfies us by His Spirit in His Word. So build the image of Who God is in you and watch your hope begin to overflow! All my love, Jenny

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