Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Replacing Fear with Faith

Hello everyone,

I once heard someone say there are three kinds of people in life.  Those who take risks and make things happen; those who stand by and watch things happen; and those who miss it all and wonder, "what on earth just happened?".   

Not sure which group you belong to, but to be perfectly honest, risk taking is not something I would list as my 'thing'.  I love to feel secure and settled and established in a well thought out, long term plan.  Routine is my comfort zone.  Sound boring?  Well, in spite of what makes me feel 'safe' in life, I married a man who loves to live on the edge of every boundary line.  As much as not taking risks works for me, risk taking is exactly what makes him tick!  He is always pushing through new boundaries, exploring new avenues, forever reaching forward into what 'normal' people would call impossible.  And we have found a way to pioneer together through life like this for just over 25 years!

So to say I have had to expand and extend my mental and spiritual faith boundaries over the years, is no exaggeration.  From the time we were married there has never been 'normal' or 'ordinary'.  That's why I have found the Word of God and intimate prayer, to be my life source.  It's become my safe place, that keeps me rooted and anchored to the truth of who I am in my God, and what His plan is for me.

In Sue Detweiler's book Women Who Move Mountains, she writes that to be a woman of faith in prayer, will require you to take risks.  In our walk of faith, we can expect to constantly face unknowns.  Sometimes, you and I need to step out and obey God in spite of our fear.  Perhaps the most rewarding part of the journey is finding the security we need in the person of Jesus.  He becomes our constant, and not the 'safety nets' we feel we need all around us.

Taking risks and venturing out of our comfort zones, when we are obeying God's voice, can be scary.  I have felt like I'm constantly having to fight thoughts of fear of the unknown in order to press on in faith and peace.  I read something in Sue's book that hit its mark in my heart.  "We don't have a fear problem (as much as) we have a faith problem.  It's not about fearing less; it's about believing more."   Fear is a destructive force but faith brings peace and life.  And we can control which force dominates our lives!

Sue explains how replacing fear with faith is a moment by moment choice to anchor our confidence in Jesus.  By being fearful and anxious, we are actually declaring that we can't fully trust God to care about the details of our lives.  We must learn to choose God's perspective on how to think and speak over our situations.  

Where to begin?  We renew our minds to think and see like God does!  Hebrews 11:6 says, "But without faith it is impossible to please Him, for he who comes to God must believe that He is, and that He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him.".   Today, choose to begin the process of replacing your fear with faith.  Go straight to Jesus, sit at His feet, and lay your head on His lap.  Let Him pour His love and comfort into your heart and listen to His Word of truth.  Believe that He is everything you need in this life.  And know, that every deliberate step you take towards knowing Him more intimately, will cause you to walk in His favour and grace.  There is a great reward for diligently seeking the Lord - your life will show it as you replace every fearful thought with faith!

Much love, 


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