Thursday, June 1, 2017

Pursue Peace

Hello everyone,

Are you battling to walk in peace with someone lately?  It's as though they have a way of upsetting you, making you feel misunderstood.  Or maybe you're just struggling to resist being offended with them.  In many cases, it's someone we deal with on a regular basis, either a spouse, a sibling, a colleague at work, or even a friend.  Well, I'm sure in your frustration, you've often prayed that the Lord would deal with their hearts and attitudes, show them the light, so you can just enjoy PEACE between the two of you.

The beauty of having a healthy, fulfilling relationship with the Lord, is that He DOES always have a plan or way to bring every stressful situation in our lives into peace.  Truth be told, most times it involves a work or change in our hearts and attitudes first.  Now, before you let out that grumble, let me remind you that God IS GOOD and all His ways are PERFECT, and always lead us into TRIUMPH!  When we are WILLING and OBEDIENT to follow His wisdom, the benefits FAR outweigh the momentary discomfort of adjusting and adopting it to our lives.

So, having said that, take a look at Hebrews 12:14, "Strive to live in peace with everybody..."  That Word strive is also translated as follow.  Both words come from a Greek word meaning to go after something with great determination.  Even to pursue after something deliberately and intentionally.

So when the scripture tells us to strive or follow after peace with all men, I think it's safe to say that sometimes, in our dealings with others, peace doesn't just come naturally.  No matter how challenging or difficult the other person may seem, God makes it clear that as believers, it's our responsibility to do something about it.   We may not be responsible for what the other person does or says, but we are responsible for what we do, especially knowing God requires us to intentionally and deliberately GO AFTER PEACE.

How do we do that?  Well its certainly not going to come from our own strength is it.  The Bible says in Romans 5:5, that the LOVE of God is poured abroad in our hearts by the Holy Spirit, Who is in us.  So we are not going to depend on our love, we are going to draw from His, which is already inside of us!  It's only a decision away.  When we go before the Lord and ask Him to show us how to really see others through His eyes and with His love, the shift inside us comes. 

In fact, when we allow God's love to flow through us, two significant things happen.  According to 1 John 4:12, choosing to love others with God's love causes His love to 'run its full course' in us!  We actually activate and empower the full extent and supernatural ability of God's love to work in us.  

And according to 1 John 4:18, God's full grown, perfect love in our hearts, drives all fear and dread out of our lives!   Meaning, when we love others with God's love, we love FREELY, without the fear of rejection or failure!  

Decide to pursue peace with all people, by loving them with God's love, it will produce more joy and peace and freedom from fear than you ever bargained for!

Much love,


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